Dachshund Coffee believes in creating a sense of belonging and that relationships, not transactions, are the foundation of how we connect with one another. On the path we walk, we believe in positively impacting the inhabitants of our world - regardless of race, spices or ideology.

We’ll provide a lens which people can see a more nourishing and sustainable way of doing hospitality. We will shine a light on how relational regional and local approach to a cafe can create a fuller experience for our guests. We will treat people who visit us as guests, and not as customers. And we will forge an identity that stands for and with its community.

We aim to inspire movement, change and transformation in peoples lives. We acknowledge the powerful and enriching influence of a clean whole food plant based diet and we take responsibility for our eating behaviours, health and wellbeing. By creating awareness, conversation and thought around food, nutrition and health our goal is to grow more whole food plant based eaters and empower them to thrive.

At Dachshund Coffee, we serve honest food and quality coffee while providing excellent service to our guests, every time.

“eat food, not to much, mostly plants”

M. Pollan


sustainability. justice. impact. service.

sustainability: we love our world.

We take ownership of our footprint. We enjoy our world and all it has to offer by caring for it whole heartedly. We believe the way we do that is through environmental engagement and sustainable practice. We fold back into our community through local produce and partner with others who share this practice.

justice: we love people.

We want to meet the needs of our community. We input into the next generation, invest in an individuals potential and work alongside others of like mind. We look to be an integral part of the place we find ourselves in, engage with all, empower those without, bring equity to our local neighbourhood.

impact. we love change.

We are change makers and want to encourage all we come into contact with to make and impact. We want to see people thrive in their environments and be inspired to challenge the status quo. Nothing is impossible and all of us can make a difference.

service. we love hospitality.

We believe in genuine connection made around the table. We live to serve food and drink we love, as well as life at its best. We care about community, call all family and welcome everyone. Come. Sit. Stay.



(02) 9879 4619



Shop 4, 64–66 Gladesville Rd
Hunters Hill
NSW 2110



Weekdays 7:00 - 3:00
Weekends 8:00 - 3:00

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